Rich Praytor is more than a stand up comedian.  He’s an author, speaker, filmmaker and all around nice guy.  He’s entertained audiences throughout the world through his art of comedy and storytelling.

Rich began his journey in the comedy world just after graduating college at the University of Texas at El Paso. He packed his suitcase and with $500, made the 12 hour trek via I-10 to Los Angeles. But after only two months in Los Angeles, he almost gave up. “I did not like LA when I first there. Every comedy club I went to was filled with disgusting humor, foul jokes and washed up actors. I didn’t want to end up that way.” Praytor pressed on, eventually meeting other liked minded funny people who were grounded in faith and wanted to make people laugh. “I prayed Lord, this desire is something you’ve put in me. Please send people my way.”

One by one Praytor ran into more and more people on the same path as him. It was an answer to prayer that kept him going when everything else seemed bleak. Before long, Praytor started performing at the best known comedy clubs in the land. Clubs like the Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Store, Laugh Factory, Ice House and many others. Word spread that there was a comedian, who was a Christian performing in clubs and his material was family friendly AND funny. He’s performed with the likes of Dane Cook, Pablo Francisco, Jim Gaffigan, Eddie Griffith, Brian Regan and many more.

His Comedy You Can Believe In show as won numerous awards including the American Gospel Music Award for Best Comedian of the Year. He’s also been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, The Game Show Network and countless radio programs. He’s the author of A Stand-Up Comic Sits Down with Jesus and was one of the featured comedians on the Comedy Bus (Volumes I & II).

Rich currently lives in Colorado Springs, CO.

Fun Facts about Rich Praytor

  • In 1990, he was ranked #1 in Europe and #3 in the world for BMX Freestyle
  • Was on America’s Got Talent
  • Rich’s daughter, Alyssa, pushed down Don Johnson’s son at a playground.
  • Likes ice-cream with the chocolate hard shell.
  • Has stormed a castle (really, ask him when you see him).
  • Did stand-up comedy to four people who were in solitary confinement.